Anime TONIGHT- Madoka Magica

MadokaMagicaImage112012 copy
NC Premiere of the #1 Japanese Box Office Hit – Madoka Magica at Raleighwood

Tickets are $20 pp; doors to purchase tickets will open 5:30pm, movie set to start 6pm. Parts 1 and 2 will be shown, with an intermission.  Chance to win an MM Movie Poster!

There are still seats available.    Come watch it with true fans of the genre.   Enjoy it in comfortable padded swivel seats, see it on the giant screen with surround sound.  A great experience.

Our regular menu will be available for purchase f- waitstaff service right at your seat and table!   Featuring a full array of  appetizers, casual foods, sandwiches, pizza, desserts, coffee, soft drinks, beer and wine.

Check out Raleighwood website for more info and daily specials.

more Hunger Games…

Saw it last night – although it did not have ALL of the elements of the book, we liked the movie a lot.  Reminiscent of a few older classic themes, sort of “1984”-ish, and touch of a few other sci-fi moral issues movies.

No gory scenes, so it’s easy to eat while watching it! 🙂

We welcome any comments and thoughts on the movie and seeing it at Raleighwood.