“Gluten Free” menu items

Spoke to a customer last night who is highly Gluten Sensitive, and cannot eat many restaurant menu items..and he let me know that Raleighwood DOES have menu items he can enjoy!  These are some of the suggestions he had – and some of the reasons.

Hot or Barbeque Wings, Chips and Salsa, Classic or Ultimate Nachos, Steak Fries, Cheese Fries, Grilled chicken or Tuna sandwich platters (NO buns); and of course salads.

Our Wings are not breaded, and are cooked in separate oil and in separate fryer, as are the fries, from any items that have breading…so they should be safe.

Chips are corn, not flour. The grill does not have any breaded items that are cooked on it, so the grilled chicken items (and the tuna) are generally ok.  Cajun spice is also ok.

Staying away from Gluten? Raleighwood does have some great menu items that you can enjoy.  Of course, we cannot guarantee or claim totally Gluten-Free, since there are strict guidelines, and each person should know his or her own sensitivity levels.

So come on out enjoy a movie and one of our menu items.  Let us know if you know if other items on our menu fit the bill!

And a BIG Thanks to our customer Steve W and his wife for their help and information.

Check Raleighwood website for Movie listings and showtimes, and to view menu and daily specials.

Why do women eat salad on dates?

At Raleighwood we see dining patterns, and it’s really interesting what and when people eat what!

Just saw a great article about Salads – women vs men. Psychologists have discovered that if a woman was sitting with men, she was more likely to eat food of a ‘lower caloric value’ than if she was sitting with other women.

The salad leaves are meant to say “I’m pretty; I’m attractive; I take care of myself,”

Men, on the other hand, seem to have no such need to alter their food intake to impress the opposite sex. The study showed that they eat pretty much the same regardless of who their dining companions are.

So, bring a date to Raleighwood tonight, or come as a group, enjoy a great movie,  and take advantage of today’s Menu Special – get a 99¢ side salad with each entree order.