“Gluten Free” menu items

Spoke to a customer last night who is highly Gluten Sensitive, and cannot eat many restaurant menu items..and he let me know that Raleighwood DOES have menu items he can enjoy!  These are some of the suggestions he had – and some of the reasons.

Hot or Barbeque Wings, Chips and Salsa, Classic or Ultimate Nachos, Steak Fries, Cheese Fries, Grilled chicken or Tuna sandwich platters (NO buns); and of course salads.

Our Wings are not breaded, and are cooked in separate oil and in separate fryer, as are the fries, from any items that have breading…so they should be safe.

Chips are corn, not flour. The grill does not have any breaded items that are cooked on it, so the grilled chicken items (and the tuna) are generally ok.  Cajun spice is also ok.

Staying away from Gluten? Raleighwood does have some great menu items that you can enjoy.  Of course, we cannot guarantee or claim totally Gluten-Free, since there are strict guidelines, and each person should know his or her own sensitivity levels.

So come on out enjoy a movie and one of our menu items.  Let us know if you know if other items on our menu fit the bill!

And a BIG Thanks to our customer Steve W and his wife for their help and information.

Check Raleighwood website for Movie listings and showtimes, and to view menu and daily specials.

October is National Pizza Month

Today’s menu special at Raleighwood is PIZZA!  Every Tuesday –  $3.00 off all large pizzas.

Bring the kids to a matinée, or see an early evening show, share a pizza, try the newest homemade desserts too.  A meal, a movie and no fuss or mess for you – we do it all!

Visit website for current movies and showtimes.  Be sure to check out the special events page too!


Women for Romney Debate Watch Party tonight

….on the BIG 35 foot screen.  FREE Admission.  Raleighwood’s full menu of casual food, beverages (including beer, wine, champagne), delicious desserts and coffee will be available for purchase.

Come watch with other motivated, interested people- almost, if not better, than being live at the debate, but with no traffic worries!

Sponsored by Wake County GOP and “Women for Romney”

Open to the Public, seating on a first come, first served basis


For more information on the event visit  www.WakeGop.org
OR CONTACT:  North Raleigh GOP (919) 890-5374 
Please do not call Raleighwood

Moonrise Kingdom “goof”

Did you spot this, and a few other goofs?

Look for this goof in the movie – The Island Police car is a 1968 Plymouth. The movie is set in 1965.

Movie buffs love trivia, errors, goofs and references to other films in the movies we watch.  Do you have a good one?  let us know.

Did you know that  Bruce Willis  turned down the starring role in Ghost because he didn’t think the plot would work and that playing a ghost would hurt his career.  Ironically, he played a ghost in “The Sixth Sense”; a critical success widely regarded as one of his best performances!

Moonrise Kingdom now playing at Raleighwood. Check website for full movie listings and showtimes.

Today’s menu special is a $1.50 side salad with any entree order.


If you like Sci-Fi, deep thoughts,  searching for the meaning of life…you should see this movie.  A team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe…..”

Showing nightly at Raleighwood at 8:50pm.  Wednesday –  99¢ side salad with each entree order.
Thursday – 99¢ Cinderella Ice Cream Sundae with each entree order.  Check out our daily menus specials here. 

Let us know what you think of it, and what “hidden” references to other movies you find…or if you find the secret of LIFE!:)

Interesting tidbit – The end of the credits read “Brought to you by Weyland Corporation – Building better worlds. Since 10/11/12.

Word is that production of Promethus 2 is in  early discussions. No writer is set.



Hunger-“Y” ?

If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t wait too long – The Hunger Games is playing at Raleighwood, but not for much longer!

If you have seen it, it’s worth seeing it again – there is so much you pick up the second, and third times.   Little nuances, some lines you didn’t catch the first time.

A lot of people find it reminds them of other movies – what do YOU think it reminds you of?  Let us know.

Do you know what inspired Collins to write it? Did you catch any of the mistakes?

The first 10 people to  answer this question will WIN TWO FREE MOVIE PASSES to Raleighwood. Email your answer and contact info to: SpecialEvents@RaleighwoodMovies.com with Hunger Contest as the subject line…. good luck to all!

There a mistake in the addition of the number of tributes/people in the Game – they say they are 24 total, but when you add up the number killed and the survivors in the movie, it comes to WHAT NUMBER?

Reminder- RW Menus specials – Wednesday –  99¢ side salad with each entree order; Thursday – 99¢ Cinderella Ice Cream Sundae with each entree order.
Check RaleighwoodMovies.com  for daily specials

Beat the Heat…AC, Movies and Ice Cream!

The temperature’s rising…..we’re havin’ a heat wave! It’s too hot be outside. Beat the Heat, take yourself and the kids to a movie in an air-conditioned theater, for lunch or dinner and a movie… plus take advantage of today’s Raleighwood menu special Thursday – 99¢ Cinderella Ice Cream Sundae with each entrée order.

Did you know  air conditioning was born in 1902 when Willis Carrier, a mechanical engineer, developed and installed the first system in a publishing company in Brooklyn, New York. Carrier’s invention would eventually have a revolutionary impact on America.

The opening of the Rivoli in NY was widely advertised for its refrigerating/ air conditioning system. People lined up at the box office – curious about ‘cool comfort’ .  Through the 1950’s movie theaters advertised Air Conditioned right up with the movies on the marquee.

A great option for a blistering hot day – relax and enjoy a movie and a meal at Raleighwood!

Pizza fun facts

  Did you know that 36 percent of all pizza ordered are topped with pepperoni?!  Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza a day or about 350 slices per second.  Pizza can be called a balance meal, it has most of  the food groups – grains in the crust, vegetables or meat  put on as a topping, dairy in the cheese, and fruit in the tomato sauce.

Pizza is also one of the favorite foods to eat while watching a movie, it ranks right up there with popcorn.

Share a pizza at an afternoon family matinée, a perfect for lunch or an early dinner.  Sit back, relax, enjoy the movie and let us do the work.  A great way to take the kids to a movie.  Or get a group together and come to our early or later evening shows.

Today’s menu special at Raleighwood Cinema Grill is $3 Off all Large Pizzas. Enjoy a pizza, a pitcher (beer or soda), and a picture – check website for scheduled movies and show times.

The Lucky One….

Another good story from Nicholas Sparks. Nicholas lives in North Carolina with his wife and family.

Nicholas Sparks again uses a North Carolina setting- Elizabeth, a main character, lives in Hampton, North Carolina.

The Lucky One is a perfect date movie.  Romance,  suspense, secrets and more nuances all at the same time.  Seems different people have different opinions on the underlying theme of the movie, but so far most people really enjoyed seeing it.  What are some of YOUR thoughts?

Check website for today’s menu special and other movies and showtimes.

More about Cabin in the Woods movie

After an early preview screening,  Director Drew Goddard was asked, “Will there be a sequel?” To which he responded, “Have you seen the ending to my movie?”…

Have YOU?….. now’s your chance these are the last few days to see it at Raleighwood! Cabin in the Woods tonight through this Thursday night.  This is the way to see this movie,  with friends,  in a dark theater, enjoying  today’s (Tuesday) Menu Special of $3 Off all Large Pizzas,  a pitcher of beer, wine or one of Raleighwood’s great homemade desserts.

Visit Raleighwood website for showtimes.