Raleighwood PREMIEREs NEW, Updated Website!

Check out our new website design, PREMIERING today.     Easier to load, easier to read, easier to navigate.  All the info you need about us at your fingertips. Movie dates and times, special events, special screenings, info on menu and daily menu specials.

We are continually updating and upgrading.  we recently upgraded to a digital projection system.   We are in the process of replacing our chairs with new ones.  Raleighwood continues to strive to give you, our customers, the absolute best time at the movies.  Great sound and picture, new chairs, a fantastic menu with something for everyone, even some gluten-free items (ask your wait staff).  Our homemade desserts are proving to be award-winning and extremely popular.

Remember – everyone LOVES movies and food…gift or stocking stuffer idea – a Raleighwood Gift Certificate.  “One size fits all, never the wrong color or size.”

Raleighwood is the perfect place to entertain out-of-town guests, or your own family during the holidays.  Special discounted afternoon family matinees, 4 shows nightly.  Sing up for our e-newsletter, and get the previews for movies coming before they are listed!

Mobile website version coming in the next couple of weeks.

And thinking ahead to 2015, we do a super buffet event on Sunday February 1st.  35 foot buffet.  Watch all the action of the day’s game on the big screen.  Pick your seat, reserved numbered seating available.  Visit website or call for more info.

Annual Academy Awards Gala, Sunday night, February 22nd.  Free Admission.  Prizes, Movie Star look-alike and movie characters.

2015 plans include comedy nights, more special movie screening from local, independent film makers and some other fun events are in the works too.

Did Flight scare you off flying?

FlightDenzelSaw FLIGHT with Denzel Washington, who is nominated for a Best Actor Oscar – a great portrayal of a not so perfect man, an airline pilot who is caught for his lifestyle mistakes when he saves a plane and nearly all its passengers from a certain death. When an investigation is carried out to look into the details of the crash, Whip’s troubling lifestyle begins to surface.

Along with a great supporting cast, this is a throw back to the in-depth characters and semi-heroes of some of the all time great movies.  Nothing is all good or all bad.

Word of warning, this movie is not for kids, not only are the actual flight  and crash scenes scary, the language, nudity and overall subject matter, although it teaches an important lesson, is really not for kids or families to watch together. I cringed in quite a few places.

Did you see it?  Tell us your impressions.   Does Denzel deserve the Oscar, or WHO do you think does?

And the big question this movies leaves us with, is – did Flight scare you off flying?!

Now at Raleighwood. Check website for showtimes and other current movies.

Anime TONIGHT- Madoka Magica

MadokaMagicaImage112012 copy
NC Premiere of the #1 Japanese Box Office Hit – Madoka Magica at Raleighwood

Tickets are $20 pp; doors to purchase tickets will open 5:30pm, movie set to start 6pm. Parts 1 and 2 will be shown, with an intermission.  Chance to win an MM Movie Poster!

There are still seats available.    Come watch it with true fans of the genre.   Enjoy it in comfortable padded swivel seats, see it on the giant screen with surround sound.  A great experience.

Our regular menu will be available for purchase f- waitstaff service right at your seat and table!   Featuring a full array of  appetizers, casual foods, sandwiches, pizza, desserts, coffee, soft drinks, beer and wine.

Check out Raleighwood website for more info and daily specials.

October is National Pizza Month

Today’s menu special at Raleighwood is PIZZA!  Every Tuesday –  $3.00 off all large pizzas.

Bring the kids to a matinée, or see an early evening show, share a pizza, try the newest homemade desserts too.  A meal, a movie and no fuss or mess for you – we do it all!

Visit website for current movies and showtimes.  Be sure to check out the special events page too!



If you like Sci-Fi, deep thoughts,  searching for the meaning of life…you should see this movie.  A team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe…..”

Showing nightly at Raleighwood at 8:50pm.  Wednesday –  99¢ side salad with each entree order.
Thursday – 99¢ Cinderella Ice Cream Sundae with each entree order.  Check out our daily menus specials here. 

Let us know what you think of it, and what “hidden” references to other movies you find…or if you find the secret of LIFE!:)

Interesting tidbit – The end of the credits read “Brought to you by Weyland Corporation – Building better worlds. Since 10/11/12.

Word is that production of Promethus 2 is in  early discussions. No writer is set.



Why do women eat salad on dates?

At Raleighwood we see dining patterns, and it’s really interesting what and when people eat what!

Just saw a great article about Salads – women vs men. Psychologists have discovered that if a woman was sitting with men, she was more likely to eat food of a ‘lower caloric value’ than if she was sitting with other women.

The salad leaves are meant to say “I’m pretty; I’m attractive; I take care of myself,”

Men, on the other hand, seem to have no such need to alter their food intake to impress the opposite sex. The study showed that they eat pretty much the same regardless of who their dining companions are.

So, bring a date to Raleighwood tonight, or come as a group, enjoy a great movie,  and take advantage of today’s Menu Special – get a 99¢ side salad with each entree order.