Cabin in the Woods, not what you expect….

… the film was advertised as a straight horror film, when it’s really a horror/comedy, a combination not easy to pull off, but one that Cabin in the Woods absolutely got right.    Rated R.  There are scary scenes and bloody scenes, but it’s the sharp humor that really holds the film together, with some of the funniest scenes  being a running joke involving a Merman.

So if you are a fan of movies, horror movies and like references to other movies imbedded in your films, then this is a movie you won’t want to miss.

Playing tonight and thru Thursday at Raleighwood at 8:20pm – plan to get there early, so you can order – today’s (Monday’s) menu special is Ten Half-Price HOT or BBQ Wings, with each entrée order.  Our wings have been called the Best in town!

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