Did Flight scare you off flying?

FlightDenzelSaw FLIGHT with Denzel Washington, who is nominated for a Best Actor Oscar – a great portrayal of a not so perfect man, an airline pilot who is caught for his lifestyle mistakes when he saves a plane and nearly all its passengers from a certain death. When an investigation is carried out to look into the details of the crash, Whip’s troubling lifestyle begins to surface.

Along with a great supporting cast, this is a throw back to the in-depth characters and semi-heroes of some of the all time great movies.  Nothing is all good or all bad.

Word of warning, this movie is not for kids, not only are the actual flight  and crash scenes scary, the language, nudity and overall subject matter, although it teaches an important lesson, is really not for kids or families to watch together. I cringed in quite a few places.

Did you see it?  Tell us your impressions.   Does Denzel deserve the Oscar, or WHO do you think does?

And the big question this movies leaves us with, is – did Flight scare you off flying?!

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