The Guilt Trip, two-fold???

The Guilt TripThe Paramount marketing department were so certain that Barbra Streisand would gain a Golden Globe nomination for her performance, that not only did they put out an ad congratulating her victory, but posted it online moments before the nominations were announced, only to be swiftly pulled when Streisand ended up without the nod. So who’s on a guilt trip now?

? Oscar – Hello….Gorgeous??!

If you saw it, let us know what you thought of the movie and Streisand’s performance.  For those who have not see it, or want to enjoy it again, THE GUILT TRIP starts FRIDAY at Raleighwood!

We are looking forward to it – Streisand is usually good in comedic roles, and it should be nice to see her back on the big screen.

So eat, drink and watch a mess, no fuss for you at Raleighwood.

Check WEBSITE for showtimes, daily menu specials …  and a list of other movies now playing.

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