Moonrise Kingdom “goof”

Did you spot this, and a few other goofs?

Look for this goof in the movie – The Island Police car is a 1968 Plymouth. The movie is set in 1965.

Movie buffs love trivia, errors, goofs and references to other films in the movies we watch.  Do you have a good one?  let us know.

Did you know that  Bruce Willis  turned down the starring role in Ghost because he didn’t think the plot would work and that playing a ghost would hurt his career.  Ironically, he played a ghost in “The Sixth Sense”; a critical success widely regarded as one of his best performances!

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Amazing Spiderman trivia

Saw it yesterday, really a good version.  For those of you who like movie facts and idiosyncrasies – the director’s name is Marc WEBB!

Stan Lee makes a cameo – see if you can spot him.  For those who don’t know – Stan Lee is the creator of Spiderman (with a little help) and  comic book mega-star writer.

There are quite a few other really “cute” moments, I liked the more creative approach to Spiderman’s talents.  I don’t want to ruin the movie by going into too much detail.  The way he evolves his costume had us doing an “ahhhhhaa”

Would love to hear your comments on this movie, odd and interesting things   you spotted, and whether you like this or the older Spiderman better.

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