Beat the Heat…AC, Movies and Ice Cream!

The temperature’s rising…..we’re havin’ a heat wave! It’s too hot be outside. Beat the Heat, take yourself and the kids to a movie in an air-conditioned theater, for lunch or dinner and a movie… plus take advantage of today’s Raleighwood menu special Thursday – 99¢ Cinderella Ice Cream Sundae with each entrée order.

Did you know  air conditioning was born in 1902 when Willis Carrier, a mechanical engineer, developed and installed the first system in a publishing company in Brooklyn, New York. Carrier’s invention would eventually have a revolutionary impact on America.

The opening of the Rivoli in NY was widely advertised for its refrigerating/ air conditioning system. People lined up at the box office – curious about ‘cool comfort’ .  Through the 1950’s movie theaters advertised Air Conditioned right up with the movies on the marquee.

A great option for a blistering hot day – relax and enjoy a movie and a meal at Raleighwood!

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