The Hunger Games….questions?

HIT book(s), Hit Movie.   A question for any of you that saw it – if you read the book, did you “read” the character of Haymitch different or picture the actor that actually plays him in movies?  I won’t give it away for those that have not read or seen it – but I will say that I read half the first book before I found out who played that character – and it changed how I pictured him!

This a perfect movie to see again and again…great for a “ladies night out” or a couple.   You really see a lot the 2nd time  that you missed the first time.

and, an aside —- The small North Carolina village that doubled as District 12 in “The Hunger Games” is up for auction after failing to sell on the property market.

Let “me” know what you think of it… NOW playing at Raleighwood 2 shows per night.   … ” I ” may be there watching it with you one eve…:)

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One comment on “The Hunger Games….questions?

  1. I read the book before I saw the movie, but I knew who all the actors were portraying. So I pictured Woody Harrelson as Haymitch when reading it, but I pictured him as more slovenly and out of shape. However when reading it I didn’t picture Peeta, Gale, and President Snow as Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, and Donald Sutherland (respectively). For Peeta and Gale, they became a blur of the actors and the Peeta/Gale in my head. For example, Peeta is supposed to have “brilliant blue eyes” yet Hutcherson has brown or hazel eyes. So, in my head Peeta is Hutcherson, slightly taller, more golden blond hair with some curl to it, and brilliant blue eyes. President Snow is pretty much a blur, but I hear Sutherland’s voice when I read his lines. I think it’s quite normal to substitute the actor in your mind after a book adaptation has been cast. I recall when Harry Potter was cast, Rupert Grint was the only actor who looked like the character in my head. Radcliffe didn’t, but I can’t tell you what I had pictured in my head because Radcliffe is Harry Potter now.

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